Harmless Beasts

a short story by Peter Palmieri (This story was previously published in The Starship Logs Volume 2: Creatures by Telltale Press – 2020) “Don’t eat too fast,” Mrs. Miller said as she popped the lid off the chicken-and-gravy jar, one of those with a wide-eyed, chubby-cheeked infant on its label. “You’ll get a tummy acheContinue reading “Harmless Beasts”

PARKLAND – a short story

Leroy Abellard meets interesting people on the graveyard shift at Parkland Hospital. Previously published in Beyond the Levee, an anthology of short stories (copyright 2020) If it had an engine, Leroy Abellard could fix it — it didn’t matter if it was a lawnmower or a 25-ton industrial AC unit. By the time he wasContinue reading “PARKLAND – a short story”

Write the first line last

It’s hard to get started. Maybe you’re a plotter. You’ve spent the last six months researching your novel, drafting a detailed outline, writing comprehensive profiles for all your characters. Or maybe you’re a pantser, someone who writes a story by the seat of their pants. It doesn’t matter. That first line can be intimidating. YouContinue reading “Write the first line last”

A good story can save your life

There is a psychological reward that readers of novels seek that is seldom discussed. What is it? The answer may surprise you. When you need cold information– technical facts, historical details, expert analysis–there is no better source to turn to than non-fiction books. But when you want to learn about human nature, novels are anContinue reading “A good story can save your life”


Welcome to my blog. I think it’s only fair if I tell you a little bit about me. The most important thing, as far as this blog is concerned, is that I am an avid reader and a full-time student of the writing craft. Maybe that’s all you need to know and you’ll skip theContinue reading “Bio”

About Me

Hi, I’m Peter, a recovering pediatrician with a passion for the art of story-telling. I love to read great books, irrespective of genre, and I try to write every day. Thanks for stopping by. Let me share some insights with you.

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