On vacation to Southern Italy with her mother, Gemma Wilkins, a talented singer who suffers from paralyzing stage-fright learns a life-changing lesson in courage when she meets a tortured soul–a soccer star the British Tabloids have dubbed the Sexiest Man in Italy.

Fifteen years ago, he had the perfect summer fling as a college student in Florence, Italy. Now, best-selling author David Bigelow is desperately alone and in the grips of an insurmountable case of writer’s block. When a shocking discovery calls him back to Italy, David is determined to find the woman he could never get out of his mind. 

COMING SOON: On An Evening in Roma

It was supposed to be a simple job in Rome, Italy. But when Nick Duvall, a security consultant with trust issues, falls for Miranda Clark, a professional pickpocket, serious complications arise.